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IoT in the Energy Sector: Harnessing the Transformation

In the tech- and asset-heavy energy sector, malfunctions and errors can result in millions or even billions of dollars lost — not to mention catastrophic environmental events and more. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides solutions for a variety of challenges facing that sector, including:

  • Costly unplanned downtime
  • Eroding operating efficiencies
  • Safety performance
  • Cost and availability of onsite personnel
  • Environmental impact

This White Paper explores the evolving world of IoT as it relates to the energy sector, identifies important considerations, and examines practical ways energy companies can harness the power of IoT.

WaterTraceAutomation_FieldIntell_CaseStudy_NI_Page_1Case Study

Network Innovations’ FieldIntell™ IoT Solution Transforming the Way Water Trace Automation (WTA) Monitors the Performance of its Clients’ Operations

Optimizing water treatment, production, distribution, and consumption is critical in the energy sector; preventing wastage and enhancing the efficiency of operations can make the difference between success and failure in hydraulic fracturing.

Network Innovations’ FIC-E2000 has transformed the way operators can view the performance of their equipment.


shutterstock_1689452008Interoperability Solutions

SATRAD-MATRIX-iSeriesSATRAD Matrix iSeries

Landing Page Datasheet Images_SkyLinkCertus 100 - SkyLink

ThalesMissionLINK 200Certus 200 - Thales MissionLINK 200 

AnsuR-ASIGN-Product-e1620246977540AnsuR ASIGN

End-to-End Connectivity Solutions for the Energy Industry

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