Security & Policing 2022

Network Innovations Tradeshow Information - BOOTH #B96

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Landing Page Datasheet Images_RazorLINKRazorlink

esim_card (002)uLink



Landing Page Datasheet Images_PeplinkPeplink SD-WAN

1QinetiQ Bracer



A91qlsde_ociq7m_j4sNAL Quicksilver


Ovzon T6 deploed-1-1Ovzon T6




Picture1-Nov-02-2021-04-59-41-40-PMSpecta Rugged



Video Transfer Capabilities

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About NI

Since 1989, Network Innovations (NI) has grown to be a global leader in connecting people, places, and things with always available solutions. Network Innovations headquarters from Calgary, Canada with regional offices in Tampa/Fort Lauderdale/Houston/San Diego/Seattle/Kodiak/Dutch Harbor-USA, the Netherlands, /Sweden-EU, England-UK, Singapore & Australia (Sydney, Perth). NI also maintains an extensive network of more than 200 partners operating globally throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Our dedicated specialists have the depth of training and experience to design, build, and execute the most successful technology solutions for the unique needs of government and defense, public safety, oil and gas, media, mining, utilities, maritime and recreation and leisure. We are a trusted consultant empowering our clients to Succeed. Anywhere.